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One Word Method

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4 - 8 

Creating a sentence one word at a time



 Stimulate creativity




    Setting: none

    Number of participants: 4-8

    Types of participants: Any kind

    Ideal conditions: Creative people with good language skills

    Pre-Work Required: choose a topic or problem


    Give a general topic.
    The first person in the group says one word to a topic.
    The next person continues with another word.
    Eventually the group creates a whole sentence.
    e.g. The problem is what to eat:
    My stomach/wants/food/but/not/any food/it wants/ chocolate./The grocery stores/ are on strike/ the fridge/ is empty. etc...


    Usual or Expected Outcomes: Unusual, not predictable -- lots of laughter

    Potential pitfalls: too humourous

    How success is evaluated: outcome of sentences

    Examples of successes and failures: A good example would be a sentence that make sense and relates to a given topic.
    Bad would be a sentence with words that don't relate to topic.


    Source: Julia Zielke

    History of Development: from my brain to the screen, to the internet

    Recognizable components: Random Words thrown together.

    References: Random Words thrown together.

    Alternative names: Make the Sentence

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    • May break the ice on a difficult topic.

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