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One Word Method

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Creating a sentence relating to a specific topic or problem with each person contributing one word at a time.



 Stimulate creativity; build group bonding; rleax the group.





    Setting: none

    Number of participants: 4-8

    Types of participants: Any kind

    Ideal conditions: Creative people with good language skills

    Pre-Work Required: choose a topic or problem


    Give a general topic.
    The first person in the group says one word to a topic.
    The next person continues with another word.
    Eventually the group creates a whole sentence.
    e.g. The problem is what to eat:
    My stomach/wants/food/but/not/any food/it wants/ chocolate./The grocery stores/ are on strike/ the fridge/ is empty. etc...


    Usual or Expected Outcomes: Unusual, not predictable -- lots of laughter

    Potential pitfalls: too humourous

    How success is evaluated: outcome of sentences

    Examples of successes and failures: A good example would be a sentence that make sense and relates to a given topic.
    Bad would be a sentence with words that don't relate to topic.

    Tip for use in online Facilitation

    This activity may be used online without modification to the instruction. 

    The participant list may be used to establish the order in which they flow. Another way would be to work alphabetically according to the first or last names.


    Source: Julia Zielke

    History of Development: from my brain to the screen, to the internet

    Recognizable components: Random Words thrown together.

    References: Random Words thrown together.

    Alternative names: Make the Sentence

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    • May break the ice on a difficult topic.

      4 years ago