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No problem!

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Player 1 has a problem, Player 2 solves it with a random object, Player 1 is thankful.



experience creativity in justification
experience boldness, support



    Have students write down Objects on one piece of paper and Problems on other papers

    Object = An object that can fit in a pocket
    Problem = any problem a person can have. Can be practical (I can't find my keys) or personal (I can't decide which guy to marry). 

    Form 2 lines. One line will get problems and one will get objects. Pass out papers but instruct students not to look at them until it is their turn. 

    Player 1 "(name), I have a problem. (read problem on paper). 
    Player 2 "Oh (name), that's no problem. I have a (read object on paper)! And i can ... (explain how they will fix Player 1's problem with their object).
    Player 1 "Oh thank you so much, ... (gives reason it's really such a great solution)

    Next pair goes. 
    Then switch who has problems & objects. 

    More of an applied improv game since improv is not about solving problems

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