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Name swap mixer

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People introduce each other and take the other person's name. Continue until you meet your own name and the you sit down.



get names in the air
break tension around learning names 


Go up to someone:
A: Hi, I'm Erica!
B: Hi Erica, I'm Bob
A: Nice to meet you, Bob!
B: Nice to meet you, Erica!

Now players part with swapped names. ie. Bob will introduce himself as Erica to the next person. Every time you introduce yourself you leave with a new name. Your individual play continues until you meet your own name. 

Play this with the students. You can speed up the end by using the name you have and finding the person with that name so they can sit down. Most players don't figure out this is how it works so it's simply chaos. Be prepared to ring a bell to end the game and applaud the confusion. 

What was it like when you were not sure? What happened to your connection with another person? 

Highlight: Look, you called someone by the wrong name, it's okay! 

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