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Myers-Briggs Team Reflection

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A workshop to explore personal traits and interpersonal relations using the Myers-Briggs personalities model. Use this tool to go deeper with your team to understand more about yourselves and each other on personal and professional levels.



Explore personal traits and relationship relations to get a more deeper understanding of yourself and the team



Step 1:

At the start of the workshop, give everyone time to do a version of the Myers-Briggs personality test.

We suggest using an online tool like 16Personalities.

Stress that the purpose is not to categorise anyone or impose 'truths' about our personalities, but rather to use the model as a jump-off point for reflection. A way to discuss different motivators, styles, preferences, etc.

Step 2:

Ask the group as individuals to reflect on their Myers-Briggs personality type.

Then in-turn invite them to and share with the whole group what they think rings true, and what they think doesn't.

After each person has shared, invite the group to share back with their own perspectives. Ensure that this is done with a respectful and supportive attitude.

Step 3:

Divide the group into pairs / threes and as them to explore each dimension of their personality type in more detail. Use the notes from the online test and any other materials that you think would be useful, to support the exploration.

The dimensions are:

  • intuition/sensing
  • introversion/extraversion
  • feeling/thinking
  • perception/judging

Step 4:

After 20/30 minutes of exploration into the personality dimensions, bring everyone back to the larger group and invite them to share insights from their discussions.

End with a check-out, asking everyone to share one insight they take with them from the workshop.


Source: Hyper Island toolbox

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