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Many training topics involve procedures or processes (e.g. Team formation process; a product launching process, etc.). Here's an interactive lecture design that encourages the participants to go beyond the content of the presentation and critically examine the steps of the procedure or phases of the process. Use This Strategy When: * The training content is a procedure with different steps or a process with different phases. * The participants know something about the procedure or process and can conduct a group discussion.


To explore the steps in a procedure or phases in a process.




    Present your lecture. Explain the different steps in the procedure or the phases in the process. Disclose the activities associated with each step or phase.

    Announce the details of the “missing” step. Tell the participants that you left out one of the steps or phases in your presentation. (This is not really true, but there could be more steps or phases in the procedure that you are describing.) Explain that this step could be at the beginning, middle, or the end of the process.

    Let the participants work in teams. Divide the participants into two or more teams, each with two to seven members. Ask the teams to compare their notes, discuss the steps, discover the missing step, and work out relevant details. Announce a 7-minute time limit for this activity and start your countdown timer.

    Invite presentations. Blow the whistle at the end of 7 minutes. Announce the end of the discussion period. Ask the teams to take turns presenting their hypothesis about the missing step and explaining their reasoning.

    Give your comments. Wait until all teams have made their presentations. Offer your feedback, comparing the ideas from different teams. If any presentation indicates some fundamental misconception, be sure to provide corrective feedback.


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