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Map Participation Styles

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In most meetings, 20% of participants do 80% of the talking. Unfortunately, remote meetings amplify this lousy behavior.

Some people like to talk to think, while others need to think before they talk. Some people are shy and quiet, while others are more vocal and outspoken.

This activity helps assess participation style and adjust behaviors.



Become more aware of your colleagues' participation styles - as well as your own 

Adjust behavior to create more inclusive participation ensuring loud voices don't overtake the conversation




    For a more detailed version of how to facilitate this activity, visit the original website of this exercise

    First, participants need to assess themselves and then their colleagues

    Give participants one minute to complete their self-assessment.

    Give them 5 minutes to assess their team members (or other participants, if they are part of a training cohort). It should take an average of 20-30 seconds per person. You don’t want to rush the exercise, but you don’t want people to overthink it, either.

    Once everyone has completed the exercise, participants will place their names on the map, considering the four variables.

    Share out. Give each participant one minute to share where they placed themselves in the grid and why.

    Debrief. Invite people to reflect on their colleagues. What are the differences and similarities among team members? Ask them to compare where they thought their colleagues belonged versus where they were placed. Any surprises? Invite them to share their observations and discuss why.

    Reflection time. Give the team a couple of minutes to reflect and then share how they will adjust their behavior moving forward.


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