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Look and Scream

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Close eyes, then everyone looks across circle at another player and if they make eye contact they scream dramatically and leave the game.



players make clear, bold, committed actions
can be closing activity (everyone exits)


1. Have the class stand in a circle.

2. Tell everyone to look down (or close eyes)

3. Assign a counter to count “1, 2, 3…look!”

4. On “look” everyone must look up and directly at someone in the circle.

5. If the person you are looking is looking at someone else, you both are “safe”. If the person you are looking at is looking back at you too, you both must scream “ahh!” and run out of the circle.

6. The counter begins another round with the remaining people standing in the circle.

7. Play until everyone is sitting or there’s just one person remaining 

Even numbers of players = everyone will exit
Odd numbers of players = one person will be left in center.

If odd number of players, the last person standing is the "winner". Or everyone screams when there is one person left. Or you can make them the counter of the game if you have an odd numbered group.

Inclusivity notes - Screaming is loud and the 'look and scream variation' may be too loud for some people to enjoy. Give instructions to be inclusive of mobility as well. 


  • Use this activity to form pairs (when you form a pair, exit the circle together)
  • Partners make matching shapes when they match eyes. Instructor gives a moment for pairs to be mirrored, then says "look down, look up" again)
  • Each player creates a shape in response to a prompt given by the instructor (ie. shaped like an emotion). When partners match they adjust to be making the same shape. Or group simply observes those who matched, etc.

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