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Listen to my heart

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The activity is aimed so that community or group grows closer and forms bonds through listening to each other's hearts.



Connect people within a group or community.



    For calm and warm atmosphere I highly suggest putting on some quiet background music.

    At the beginning of the task facilitator can bring an attention to that this is a safe space, where everyone's boundaries are important and should be respected.

    Participants chaotically move around;

    In space they meet someone else in front of them;

    1. First question is "Can I listen to your heart?". 
      • Answer can be "Yes" or "No". 
    2. Second question is "How?". 
      • Answers can be ear to chest, hand to neck or wrist or any other method participants find comfortable.

    Both people in the pair ask same questions to each other.

    If both reply "No", they separate and find a new pair.

    If reply is "Yes", they listen to each other's hearts. After this "connection", they separate as well and find a new pair.

    There might be situations where only one person listens to other's heart as well.

    At the end of the task each participant have listened to at least a few people's heartbeats.


    Learned in Erasmus+ Training course "Release" by Czech youth organization YOUnique in 2021.

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