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Euro-Quiz aims to have participants learn more about other countries, while being challenged to answer the questions about them. All participants work individually, while answering the questions but their individual effort make the team whole.
"One for all and all for one"
"Teamwork makes the dream work"





    At first organizers have to decide which topic will the questions be about. (Geographical, historical, labor market)

    In the beginning there are at least 4 teams made.

    Each round one person per team has to come fourth and answer the question given to them.

    They will have 15 seconds to think about the answer and write it down on the paper given to them.
    Game is split in two rounds
    In the first round there are 10 questions (1 question about 1 participating country). Examples for the questions that can be used if the topic chosen is labor market issues:

     "Which European country has the highest youth unemployment rate?"

    "In which country is the easiest to open a new business?"

    "Which European country has the lowest youth unemployment rate?
    Each correct answer is one point.

    After answering all 10 questions, the points are calculated and 2 best teams with most points proceed to the second Round.

    In the second round there will be 8 questions given.
    There is a rule change here, participants are not answering questions one-by-one. Per question they have 30 seconds to answer the question as a team.

    Answering first 7 question grant you 1 point per question. (Same as first round)

    The last 8th question is worth 3 points. (Answering the last question might be the gamechanger).

    Same as first round, after all questions are answered, the points are calculated and the team with most points wins the whole game.


    As reward they are given special handmade badges. Other participants who didn't manage to win get to have more information about other participating countries and they will be given common badges for trying their best.

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