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A short visual exercise from the Kaos Pilot School.



Create wide range of possible understandings of the workshop topic. Help participants to see the possible diversity.




    Ask the participants to get a paper and pen. Tell them a short exercise will follow. Ask the participants to draw a non-realistic, abstract image on the topic of the day. Timebox: 20 seconds. Stop! Now ask each participant to pass on their sheet/ drawing to another participant. Now everyone has one minute to complete the drawing received. Stop after one minute. As debriefing, let them show around what they have and explain what they see. Write down keywords for later group work. Ask, what they (dis)liked in the process.


    This method is part of the WonderCards kit. If you'd like to have a personal pack of WonderCards (offline, on paper!), please don't hesitate to klick in our 24x7 open shop: https://petranovskaja.com/shop/

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