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I used to think...But now I think...

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A simple but effective closing activity that could lead to identify the learning point or outcomes for participants and measure the change in their behavior, mindset or opinion regarding the subject.



  • To identify the learning points
  • To help participants reveal changes in their perspectives




    Set Up

    Depending on group size, either a circle of chairs, or tables set up for small groups to interact.


    This is a good reflection protocol following an activity or event that should lead to experiencing or learning something new, or perhaps to a change in attitude about something. Basically, participants are asked to answer two questions quietly (in writing if it's a large group or if it's been a lengthy activity with lots happening). 1. I used to think... 2. But now I think... Give two to five minutes for reflecting or writing depending on the length of the activity and the learning expected. Then people can share their answers to the group. You can collect them on flip chart paper, or even type them to share later with participants or others. If you have a large group you might want to break them into smaller groups so that each person can share.


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    • I have to try this for my team

      about 1 year ago