Erica Marx

I need a pony

by for .  


create connection between 2 or 3 participants
active listening
create clarity in your own needs and desires


People are in a paired conversation that starts with "I need a pony." The first player says 3 statements in quick succession. Player 2 then repeats the last statement and says 2 more. Back and forth for 5 minutes. 

Player 1 - "I need a pony. I need rainbow cloud to swing on. I need fountains of chocolate"
Player 2 - "I need fountains of chocolate. I need luggage made of chocolate. I need a jet to travel!"


Lead the first round encouraging participants to stay entirely in the imaginary fantastical realm. This will create a big lift of positive energy and possibilities. 

Experiment with different variations of sentence starters and how they affect the flow of the conversation and what shows up for people. 
I want
I'd love
I wish
I wonder
I am


Learned from Toby Butterfield, an applied-improv based virtual facilitator. 

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