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In small groups one person is introduced and their hypeman hypes them up



enthusiastic support


Form groups of 3 
Each group of 3 meets a second group of 3 (or play in a circle)

Player 1 = Person being introduced
Player 2 = Straightman
Player 3 = Hypeman

Straightman introduces Player 1: I'd like you to meet my friend Bob. Bob's an engineer. Hypeman interjects to hype up Bob. "ENGINEER?!! Bob's not just an engineer!! He's the guy that invented electricity! You are in the presence of not only an engineer, but a time traveller who has leaped himself forward in time just to take care of his invention! Does your cell phone work? Guess who you need to thank?!? Bob!!"

Note: Hyping = exaggerating, not necessarily time travelling!

Have groups of 3 meet each other and introduce their people to each other. Then rotate roles within each group so everyone gets a chance to play each role. Have groups of 3 mix it up to meet new groups of 3.


From AIN, Matt Weinstein?? 

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