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Human objects

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A quick, physical improv game that asks participants to embody an object as quickly as they can!



Get people moving around through improvisation and while generating laughter and moments of connection!



Step 1:
Explain the rules of the game. The facilitator will start by calling out the name of an object such as a microwave, guitar, iPhone, fridge, boat - you name it! Try to use objects that are simple but fun to impersonate. 

Step 2:
Next, each person will have ten seconds to embody the object as best they can. They might roll on the floor like a football, or try to make themselves box-like and make the sounds of a pinging microwave.

They have ten seconds to plan, decide and then adopt the impersonation. It's great to countdown to zero and then have everyone hold their pose while choosing a winner!

Step 3:

The facilitator chooses a winner from the group. The winner then chooses another object for everyone to try and impersonate. Repeat for a few rounds so that everyone has a chance to shine.

Step 4:
Ready to take it to the next level? After a few rounds, ask participants to get into pairs. After the first object is named, the pair then must embody that object AND an associated object.

For example, if the named object was a football, the pair could embody a football and a goal, a whistle, or a trophy. Choose a winner in the same way and play for a few rounds before bringing the game to a close. 


Instead of giving people an object to impersonate, give people a room or setting. Each person must then impersonate an object of their choosing from that setting. 

For example, you might choose "kitchen" or "our conference room" - make it as familiar or as broad as you like, but try to ensure there are lots of different objects to embody!

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