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Explore any complex topic with Hopes, Worries, Risks, Chances seen by your participants. This creates connection, better acceptance for different angles and aspects of the topic and reduces the uncertainty of the group.



Connection, psychological safety, clarity, structure




    Start with the four fields and explain that the topic of the day will be explored with those fields. Explain the difference between hopes/worries (personal level) and risks/chances (entrepreneurial thinking). Ask participants to write down their answers on cards/sticky notes. Divide the group into four subgroups and let them discuss their results. Now let the first group present their cards for field one, other groups are completing. Then group two for field two etc. Good for #Reflection or as the basis for #Actions. 

    We've created a video on how to use this method in many ways in your amazing workshop: https://vimeo.com/353558338



    This method is part of the WonderCards kit. If you'd like to have a personal pack of WonderCards (offline, on paper!), please don't hesitate to klick in our 24x7 open shop: https://petranovskaja.com/shop/

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    • looks awesome. would love to test this out.

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