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Headlines from the Future

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Get inspired today by a world 20 years away.

Sometimes it helps to start from the end. This exercise will help you align with your team on an audacious vision for your project - one that you can work backward from.



1. Have everyone close their eyes and imagine it's twenty years in the future. Your project has been a resounding success. After some initial challenge, your solution is having a huge impact on the world in ways you'd never even imagined!

2. Without discussion have each person draft a newspaper headline and sketch an image for a New York Times feature of this reality. What does the world look like? How has your project evolved? What is it famous for?

3. Share your headlines and sketches, and discuss any themes you see across these visions for the future. What might this mean for your project today?

Project Example

For a financial project in Bangladesh, our design team used this activity to align a diverse set of stakeholders around a shared vision for the project's success.

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