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Group Order

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5 - 105 + Low
This is an energizing activity that helps members of a group get to know each other, network, and recognize what they have in common.


Support the get-to-know process at the beginning of a session.




    1. Ask participants to mill around the room for about a minute.
    2. Blow the whistle and ask the participants to line up, according to a specific criterion selected from this list:
      • distance from home to the workplace
      • birth date in the calendar year
      • number of different countries visited
      • number of letters in his or her middle name
      • number of pets
    3. After the participants line up, blow the whistle and have them mill around the room for a minute or so.
    4. Blow the whistle again and have the participants line up according to a different criterion.
    5. Repeat the procedure as time allows.


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