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Grounded Assertiveness Communication

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Framework: Consideration for Others x Openness of Communication

Participants practice 4 modes of communication - Aggressive, assertive, passive, passive-aggressive in improv scenario



insight into communication defaults & experiment w/ new options
how to create win=win




    Have sets of 4 cards with each of the behaviors: Aggressive, Assertive, Passive Aggressive and Passive. In small groups or pairs, have one person draw a card and then play the improv scenario using the communication style prompt on the card. The second person responds naturally. May work well in small groups so people can witness. 

     Partner A says, “I need a ride to the airport.”

    There’s one donut left and Person B wants it. Pick one of the cards and use that behavior with your partner.

    Repeat trying all 4 behaviors

    What was X scenario like? What was the tone/energy/body language/word choice etc.  of X style? 

    Use chart -- How did the speaker convey Openness of Communcation? How did the speaker convey consideration (or lack there of) for others?

    What style was easiest for you? What was most challenging?
    What did you learn about yourself?

    How does what you learned apply to your situation?

    Print words on business cards or other material that you'd like participants to take with them & allow them to do so.


    Presented at Oct 2019 AIN NE Regional meeting by Livia and Ellen, from Caitlin McClure/Esther Knecht

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