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The activity is aimed so that community or group gets closer and forms bonds through taking care of each other by giving body massage.


Take care of each other within a group or community.



    Facilitator let's the group know what will the activity be about, so people who do not feel comfortable can choose to not participate.

    For calm and warm atmosphere I highly suggest putting on some quiet background music.

    During the activity teammates can ask each other about their comfort and no-no zones on their bodies. Safe space!

    People create groups of 4 to 6 people. Very best if all groups have equal number of participants!

    Activity is done within the small groups:

    One person stands in the middle and closes their eyes. Others stand around and give massage.

    1. Soft touch by whole palm;
    2. Stronger/firmer touch by whole palm;
    3. Soft touch by fingertips;
    4. Stronger/firmer touch by fingertips;
    5. Group concentrate their fingertips on the middle person's head. Then as a rain they "rain" down from head till ankles, repeat two, three times;
    6. The person in the middle starts rocking to different sides, the group gently caches and straightens them up;
    7. Without person in the middle moving on their own, the group gently lays them down on the floor. (Yoga mats might be used only if the floor or ground is too cold, dirty or uncomfortable in any other way.)

    Next person takes the space in the middle. When previous person feel ready, they stand up and join their group. Cycle repeats till each person from the group goes through the same experience.

    Each instruction takes minimum 40 to 60 seconds

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