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Front Page News

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40 - 90 Medium

The tool enables a group to describe their future perfect by imagining what the media would be celebrating about them.



Determine the teams future perfect, the signs that things are different and even some of the key steps that helped the group get there.




    Ask the group imagine we have been transported  to the future in XX year's time. The media (Financial times, Guardian, HR Today etc etc) are celebrating the team's achievements. What does the front page say:

    • What is the headline
    • What are people saying, customers, employees, community etc
    • What pictures are being used
    • How did your team do it, what was key to success
    • What's different now, what are the signs that real change has happened
    Make the article colorful with high impact....this is a big achievement

    Tip, this works well in teams of 4-6. If your group is larger and you need to run parallel teams, when they are back together, ask the group to identify the patterns or common themes and highlight them on the artwork produced.

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