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Friendly Flyers

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This is an exercise to build up relational and communication skills. While creating paper flyers in teams, you learn about your group members one-on-one as you build paper planes with them. Afterwards, you get to know more about the rest of your group when you play a personality-matching guessing activity.


To build competitive spirit while simultaneously learning about the group you're working with.




    Set Up

    Split into groups of two - each group should have a few pieces of paper and pens - and use a large area. Keep distance between groups.


    1. Break off into groups of two, with as many groups as you want.
    2. Each group must try to build an aerodynamic paper airplane from the paper provided that will be able to fly the farthest in a paper airplane contest.
    3. After constructing the airplane, each group member must write characteristics they think are important about themselves on each side of the plane, or on the inside.
    4. Conduct a flying contest to see which plane can go the farthest.
    5. The plane that went the longest distance will be the first one for the rest of the team to try and guess - the object is to guess which plane belongs to which group based on the characteristics written on the sides of the plane.
    6. After everyone guesses which airplane is which, the correct answers are revealed.
    7. Repeat with all planes according to distance, with the closest plane guessed last.
    8. Everyone wins!


    If there aren't enough group members, you could try to make the planes individually and still have the whole group guess at the individual's characteristics.


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