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Fortunate Me (variation of Fortunately/Unfortunately)

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One person shares a goal, other players offer obstacles. Main player delightfully overcomes those obstacles.



confront fears, find courage
accept unpredictability
be bold with offers
clarify what's important


Players sit in semi-circle. One person chooses a goal that they want to achieve in 1 year from today. The game is played as if it is exactly one year in the future. The person plays themselves, telling the story of how a year ago they set this intention to achieve this goal and all that happened between then (real life today) and now (real life a year from now). 

They start telling the story "A year ago today I decided...(the goal they decided to achieve)" and the first person in the circle says UNFORTUNATELY... (what happened). Then the main player says "YES!... and finds a way forward with their story. They go around the circle refuting every UNFORTUNATELY that comes their way. The spirt of the "YES!" is enthusiastic and joyful, as if they are just remembering that's how the next thing happened in the story. 

Demo this game before playing. A key is to demo relatively quick turn taking so the person doesn't get too bogged down on any one obstacle or challenge to overcome. Demo tossing ridiculous obstacles and solutions along the way. "Unfortunately your car caught on fire and burned to a crisp. YES, and that's when I started riding public transportation everywhere AND I met the publicist who got my book published"

Toward the end of the circle the facilitator can ask the volunteer if they want to have someone add any additional unfortunately for them to refute (real things they are scared might happen). 


This activity works well after players have done an exercise where they identify a core value or quality about themselves. Then they use that quality in the game and can say "YES! Fortunately I am a courageous/creative/open/caring person and so I ..."

Playing Fortunately/Unfortunately can be a good warm up to the dynamics of the activity. See instructions here


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