Erica Marx

Family Portrait

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10 seconds for the group to form a group 'snapshot' tableau



get physical together
make quick supportive decisions


Divide the class into groups. Each group comes up one at a time and is given a title for a picture that revolves around a type of family. “Family of Dentists. Family of Cheerleaders. Family of Lost Librarians.” You can even get more specific. “Right after grandma’s big announcement” or “The Dentists Convention” or “Cheerleaders Lose the Championship.”

Groups have ten seconds to form a portrait based on the title. Remind students to think about the characters involved in the picture and to talk to each other so that there are no repeat characters. They have to tell a story, even though they are frozen in place. A time limit forces students to work quickly. Count them down and at the end of 10 seconds yell out FREEZE! The end result should be a cohesive picture.

Variations  - do in pairs

See also knife and fork


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