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This can be used as a virtual substitute for the initial part of a workshop.



The intent of this method is to enable groups who find it difficult to participate in group workshops. It allows people to prepare their thinking and discuss their questions with colleagues beforehand.




    Pre-Work Required: A set of 7 questions are prepared and emailed to each of the participants.

    1. Prepare seven questions two weeks before the meeting and email them to all the participants and ask them to prepare their answers.

    2. When the meeting starts assign people to small groups to share their thinking about the seven questions (an alternative is to have them share their thinking about a few of the questions).

    3. Ask the groups to reach agreement about the answers to the questions and to share their answers to the questions to the whole group..

    Follow-Up Required: The solutions need to be processed.


    History of Development: This has been successfully used in large intergovernmental institutions.

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