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10 - 206 - 12 Medium

Playful learning with your group: from standard process (establishing best practice) into chaotic situation.



Understand complexity, multitasking, productivity, failure culture




    Start in a standing circle. Ask the participants to establish a process by throwing each other a ball in a specific order: 

    ∙ Each participant must receive the ball once 

    ∙ The ball must not be thrown to a neighbour 

    ∙ The process ends where it started Let the participants repeat the process until they feel comfortable to repeat it.

    When the standard process runs well, intervene: 

    ∙ Make them speed up (competitors do not sleep!) 

    ∙ Add ball two and later ball three (we want to optimise the utilisation rate!) 

    ∙ Launch a "side project" – let them pass a random object clockwise. 

    Debrief on topics connected to team, complexity, multitasking, productivity, failure culture or others. This game is a fast way to understand or even feel reasons why things do (not) go well in a company.


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