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Draw your definition

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In this activity, the group will be asked to express a defined quality through drawing. The result will be a mixture of perceptions, and will open the conversation around a particular topic.



Encourage creative thinking and an awareness of different perceptions on a given subject.




    Using a pen and paper, ask each member of the team to draw their definition of 'teamwork'. Allow up to two minutes for everyone in the group to complete their own drawing. Or instead, you can ask the group to draw their definition of a word that is more closely linked to the workshop content (e.g. 'collaboration' or 'success').

    When the time is up, ask each person to hold up their image and one-by-one, explain each part of their drawing.


    Ask the participants to reflect on how other team members perceive the same word in different ways. For the example of teamwork, some may have highlighted the connection between the members, or the common goal they're working towards, or the individual qualities each brings to the group. 


    If working remotely - participants can draw on paper and show their artwork via webcam, or use an online whiteboard tool such as Mural

    If in person - participants should draw on paper or sticky notes to display around the room

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