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Dodgeball Review

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This is a simple game to engage participants in an interactive review of the content the just learned about.


To review the training topic and to generate (and answer) questions.





    Organize two teams. Divide the participants into two teams. Ask the members of each team to come up with a team name.

    Write review questions. Give five blank cards to each team member. Ask team members to write a review question (and the answer) on each card. Ask each team to collect the review cards from its members, remove duplicates, and get ready to ask—and answer—questions.

    Explain the object of Dodgeball Review. The goal of this game is to eliminate opposing players by getting them “out” by asking a question that stumps them or by correctly answering a question presented by an opposing player.

    Start the game. Ask all participants to stand.

    Explain how the game is played. Explain these rules in your own words:

    • A member of Team A will call on a member of Team B and read a question.
    • Team B member must answer the question within 20 seconds.
      • If the answer is correct, Team B member remains standing and Team A member (who asked the question) sits down and is “out”.
      • If the answer is incorrect, Team B member sits down and is “out” and Team A member (who asked the question) remains standing.
      • Whichever team did not get “out” will ask next question

    Determine the winning team. The first team to eliminate all members of the opposing team wins the game.


    Want to simplify scheduling? Play the game for exactly 10 minutes. The team with the most players standing when time is called is the winner.

    Don't want to penalize players for writing easy questions? Change rules so that you can only get “out” by answering a question incorrectly.


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