Andrea Beliczki

Dish it Out

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Create a meat that mimics the experience of your product.

This one is fresh out of the oven. Put your chef hat on, and design a meal, cocktail or mocktail that represents the essence of your product or experience.



1. Create teams. It's fun to do it contest-style.

2. Have each person imagine your experience or product as a meal. What would it taste like? Smell like? Is it complex or simple? Classic or innovative? Sweet or savory?

3. Decide what you're making. It could be as simple as a cheese plate or a cocktail or as complicated as a three-course meal or dinner party.

4. Gather the ingredients - these can be bought or ones you already have - to bring your meal or cocktail to life.

5. Set a timer and go.

6. Share your creation and say why you think it represents the product or experience.


You can also use this exercise to get feedback on an idea or project. Invite your client or partner to experience your cocktail or dinner.

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