Ginevra Valentina Iachetta

Dance therapy exercises

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1 - 120 Medium

The following activities are part of dance and theatre therapy methods and they are intended to explore body movements and create connections within the group.



- To create connections through body movement

- To get in touch with oneself and the others

- To explore synthesia



    1 Ask the participants to walk through the space freely; 

     2 When they meet someone, they greet the person however they prefer (hug, handshake, etc.);

    3 Music will start to play;

    4 When they meet someone, they interact by touching a part of their body with the same of them (hand to hand, head to head, etc.), creating a kind of dance together;

    5 Music changes and when they meet someone, they dance with the person for a bit, and then with someone else, always getting inspired by the music;

    6 Everyone dances on their own, until the music stops and everyone stays with themselves, feeling their body, focusing on the sensations that they are feeling (with open or closed eyes);

    7 Everyone is invited to find a comfortable position and a guided visualization meditation will start; 

    8 At the end of it, music will start playing and everyone is invited to start dancing what they felt during the meditation, and throughout the dance they create words with their bodies; after a while they are invited to try to meet others and create words together (without speaking);

    9 The music stops and everyone will have some minutes to write down the words created and, with those words, create a sentence, a poem, a thought;

    10 In group, everyone will mime the sentence that they have written;

    11 Each member of the group will try to guess the mimic and they'll write down their guess. The mime will pick the sentence they like the most, not the one that is more similar to their own;

    12 At the end of the activity, the group will come to a circle to sum up all the activities with a gesture that represents how they feel.

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