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Cross the Circle

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5 - 1010 - 25 Low
This activity provides a playful way for participants to find commonalities among themselves.


Help participants to find commonalities among themselves



  1. Ask participants to form a circle with one person in the middle.
  2. The person in the middle asks the other participants to cross through the circle if they can answer positively that they have, have done, or can do something in particular. For example, the participant in the middle might say, “Cross through the circle if you carpool to work.” “Cross through the circle if you have worked here more than 5 years.” “Cross through the circle if you can play an instrument.”
  3. If the other participants can answer the question positively they must cross the circle and find an open spot on the other side left by someone else who also answered the question positively.
  4. The participant in the middle also finds a spot left open by some one who answered the question positively.
  5. A new person is left in the middle. This person gets to pick a new topic.
  6. The game continues as time allows.


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