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Creative Bursts

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Keep your creativity game strong with daily, colorful exercises. 

The first step to unleashing creativity is to build a more creative culture. Devoting daily time to a creative warm-up is an easy way to get started.



1. Pick one of the following creative warm-up activities:

  • Brainstorm gross things. Then, choose one at random to turn into a beautiful, trendy product.
  • Draw a team mascot or use materials around you to craft one.
  • Make up a story about office supplies.
  • Go outside and take some photos. Then print out the images and make a collage. 

2. Set time for the warm-up and decide if it is better to tackle it individually or as a group. Usually, 5-15 minutes will do.

3. Roll up your sleeves and start making.

4. Share back what you created. If you're laughing, you're on the right track - That's the sign of a good creative warm up.

Project example

The design team that designed this Travel Pack did creative warm-ups on a daily basis. There resulted in an office mascot, a puppet show, and personality quizzes. Some even inspired these methods.

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