Veronica Spagna

CreAction for Hopeland

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80 - 905 - 50 Medium

Participants will collaborate in small groups to the realizations of artistic painted products for giving their contribution to the Hopeland venue and leave their mark on the place (e.g painitng signals for the trees, tents’ names, venue areas’ names etc.)


The activity is aimed to foster teamwork and collaboration through art



    1. Divide participants in small groups 5-10 people each

    2. If the activity is placed in a green area participants can go around and collect natural materials (leaves, stones, wood) before starting the activity

    3. Each participants is provided with a wood signal to paint 

    4. After let the paint colors dry put a layer of vinylic glue as protection

    5. find the right place for your wood signal and enjoy!


    This activity had been created by participants of Muses - Youth Exchanged financed by Erasmus+

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