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Wet dog (Crazy 8's)

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Count fast down from 8 to 1 while shaking each body limb as a group



raise the energy level



    Together everyone shakes out their limbs – right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg – in descending counts starting at 8 each and ending with 1 each. 

    KEY – Everyone commits to having their heads up, and to making eye contact with every other player at least once during the warm-up.

    You can’t be in your head – or looking at your feet – worried about looking silly. If we’re all committed and playing without shame, what happens? We’ll smile at each other. We’ll laugh.

    Improv is mutually assured embarrassment! But the only person who looks “silly” is the person who’s not committing to the group.

    Variation: Next round in a new language – exciting to people because they experience themselves as being able to speak a new language. Go around and do all the languages in the room. Also fun for the people to hear their language spoken.

    Also called "crazy 8's"


    Bobbi Block shared (via Nicola) the version of using different languages

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