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Co-development session

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Co-development is a methodology of collective intelligence. It is a development approach for professionals in which participants learn from each other and consolidate their practice. The brainstorming realized, individually and with the group, is favored by a structured exercise of consultation in relation to the issues experienced by the group members.



Grow together.





    Set up some rules with the group (like confidentiality, listening, ...) in order that they can openly share their difficulties or challenges. In case you run this session remotely you can create a Jamboard to write the rules.

    Inclusion time

    Start the session by an inclusion time which can be a get to know each other, an icebreaker or any activity which can help the group to feel comfortable sharing their difficulties.

    Step 0 : all participants share a situation, problem, challenge, … and the group chooses the first topic to be discussed. It may not be possible to discuss all topics in one session. In case of remote workshop, use a Jamboard where everybody can write his/her topic and can vote. 

    (5 min)

    Step 1 : Case owner explains the situation (4 min) 

    Participants remain silent

    Steps 2 : Reflection and feedback (1 min each) 

    Case owner remains silent

    The participants share perceptions of the situation, open questions, emotions, …

    Advice: the case owner can take a pen and paper to register all comments / feedback to be answered. 

    Step 3 : Case owner feeds back on the reflections / questions (2 min) 

    Participants remain silent

    Case owner completes his/her story after hearing questions, perceptions and emotions.

    Step 4 : Clarification (3 min)

    Participants can raise only questions to clarify something which has been said and is not clear. No questions asking for additional information.

    Step 5: Contract (1 min) 

    Participants remain silent

    Facilitator asks: “what do you expect from the group?

    Step 6 : Suggestions of solutions / sharing of experiences (5 to 7 min) 

    Case owner remains silent

    Participants suggest solutions or share their experiences.


    - Don’t talk too much about your own situation but formulate a proposal or explain what you have done and the result

    - The case owner can take a pen and paper to register all the propositions.

    Step 7 : Appreciation from the case owner (2 min)

    Participants remain silent

    Facilitator explains to the group that: "As we are all different, a good solution for someone is maybe not the best for somebody else. All ideas will be not used by the case owner."

    The facilitator invites the case owner to share what he/she wants to try after the session.

    If enough time, start again with another participant’s situation from the step 1 or else go to the last step.

    Last step: Before closing the session, each participant shares a learning and/or a take away. (1 min each)

    Tip: For steps 2 and 6, it can be interesting that the case owner is sitting back to the group or that he/she closes the camera if a remote session.

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