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Circle, Square, Triangle

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At the end of a workshop, it's important to reflect on the things you've learnt, the things you still need to work on and how the things you've learnt in the workshop will help you improve. This activity encourages post-session reflection, and is suitable to be run remotely.



Debrief a team after a workshop, and encourage reflection on the areas each member feels confident, plus key takeaways and areas where more help is needed.



At the end of your workshop, show the audience three shapes: a circle, square and triangle.

Ask each participant to add their feedback onto each of the shapes using an online collaboration tool such as Mural.

  • Circle: What’s still going around in your head? What do you still not understand?
  • Square: What’s squared away? What do you really understand?
  • Triangle: Which three takeaways could you use in your personal or work life?

Ask each person to share their feedback and explain their choices.


Instead of simply writing their answers, encourage each person to share their feedback using an image or a GIF!


As the facilitator, encourage the audience to take note of the different feedback captured and to reflect on everyone's 'Square' as well as their 'Triangle' takeaways. Challenge everyone to turn their 'circles' into a 'square' and point to resources which could help.

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