Check-out: Lessons Learned

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How do we look back, what have we learned?



This exercise will form a reflection and wrap up of the process and its contents. Participants will reflect on the process so that the facilitator can incorporate changes in the program if necessary. 




    The facilitator opens this exercise by repeating the contents of the day. After, participants are asked to reflect on the exercises and write down what they learned from it. Participants will share their ‘lessons learned’ with the group. It is important that everyone in the group gets full attention to share his or her thoughts.


    You can either form a circle standing up or sitting down (standing up is more active, sitting down signals that there is more time to reflect). The facilitator repeats how the day went, where after participants are asked to write down what they learned from the day. After, you can either chose to ask participants who wants to share what he/she has written down. You can also ask participants to share their answers with the person next to them and to hang their cue card on the whiteboard after. 


    Important remarks

    On the first day, participants often name the unclarity they have about the structure and path of the program, they do not understand where it is going (Sensing the Zeitgeist). As a facilitator, explain that the day was still explorative, that it is perfectly normal if there are still lots of questions and unclarity, and that the program will become more conclusive as it progresses. 



    Secchi - Proceedings of Alerts and Lessons Learned 

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