Check-out Learning Theory

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How do we look back, what have we learned?



The purpose of this exercise is to reflect on the experience as a whole. Participants are asked to reflect what they gained on a personal level, how they experienced the group and the way of working, and what they have gained from the subject.  




    Participants are asked to form a circle and to sit down. With tape, 4 quadrants are formed on the ground, the cue cards with “I”, “we”, “its”, and “it” placed in each quadrant. 

    One by one, participants are asked to stand in one of the quadrants and reflect on the question that matches the word on the card. 

    I = what did I think of the session personally? 

    We = how did I experience the group? 

    Its = how did I experience this way of working? 

    It = what have I gained from the subject? 

    Important remarks

    This exercise takes quite a lot of time. If you do not have that much time, it is advised to choose another check-out method. 



    Ken Wilber - Integral Theory (AQAL)

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