Check-in: Real Or Unreal?

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Being right is not the end goal, being able to rationalize your choice is. 


In preparation for the Wheel of Reasoning tool, this check-in method helps strengthen participants’ rationalization skills. The goal of the exercise is not about being right, it is about rationalizing your choice and being able to argue your beliefs.




    With tape, create 2 squares. Write 'real' on one cue card, and 'unreal' on the other. Place the cards in the squares.

    This exercise will be a small introduction to creating scenarios, which will be done in later exercises. One participant chooses a random object and has to defend whether or not this object is real. After the participant’s argumentation, the rest of the group is asked to what extent they agree, and why (not). The group then decides to place the object in the ‘real’ or ‘unreal’ square marked on the floor. The facilitator should reflect on the exercise and emphasize that this exercise is not about being right, but about rationalizing your choice, which is a skill that will be used in later exercises (such as Wheel of Reasoning).  

    Important remarks

    1. This exercise is a preparation for scenario design exercises, such as the Wheel of Reasoning. 

    2. The facilitator should encourage participants to keep brainstorming about reasons whether or not the object is real, and should encourage all participants to actively engage. 


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