Check-in & Check-out

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Check-in and check-outs focus on awareness, group formation, building trust and recognizing patterns. 



Check-in and check-out serve as a clear beginning and end of, for instance, a meeting, day, or project. This tool can be used to draw people into a particular mood and remind everyone of their commitment and responsibility. By sharing your intention out loud, especially if it is a short personal story, you collectively build the basic structure of collaboration.

A check-in may be a question you put to the group. The nature of the question that you use as check-in creates expectations. If a question reveals an answer that is personal and vulnerable, the check-in will be more valuable. ‘Why’ questions relate to deeper motivations, while ‘what’ questions generate answers related to ideas and outcomes. 



There are many different check-in and check-out techniques. You can choose one of these techniques based on the size of the group, or available time. You can find the methods by searching for #checkin or #checkout and/or #minkowski.  


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