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In order to find creative solutions for complex issues, you have to create space. 



Before trying to find solutions for complex problems, it is crucial to create space. This space is created by becoming aware of yourself and your motivations, and to be truly present so you have the ability to focus.

By asking repeatedly “why are you here today?”, you can grasp one’s underlying personal motivations. The interviewer will ask a participant 5 times why he or she is here today. Most likely, the participant will give a different answer every time the interviewer asks the same question and will hereby detach from his or her surroundings.  




    Participants have pair-up for this exercise. One of them is the interviewer, the other the interviewee. The participants will sit together: the interviewer will be facing the side of the interviewee. The interviewer asks the question “Why are you here today?”, listens attentively, and repeats the question 5 times. After, the interviewer writes down the core answer to the question, where after the roles are reversed.  



    Romana Maharshi – Self Inquiry

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