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Certificates and Advice

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Here's a closing activity that combines awarding certificates and giving advice. Each participant picks up someone else's certificate. She hands over the certificate along with a piece of personal advice.


To celebrate the completion of the training session and to provide a suitable piece of advice to a fellow participant.




    Room Setup

    Arrange a couple of tables in the front of the room. Place printed copies of certificates with the names of recipients clearly visible.


    Explain the activity. Announce that you are replacing the traditional (and boring) certificate awards ceremony with a faster-paced and personalized activity. Explain that the certificates for all participants are placed on the front tables.

    Pick a certificate. Ask each participant to quickly pick a certificate from the front table, making sure that it is for someone she knows (and not her own).

    Prepare a piece of advice. Ask participants to return to their seats with the printed side of the certificate facing down. Distribute an index card or a sticky notepaper to each participant. Ask participants to think of the person whose certificate they have, recall her behaviour before and during the training session, and come up with a suitable piece of advice that is related to the training topic. Invite participants to write this piece of advice on the index card or the piece of sticky notepaper.

    Distribute the certificates and advice. When you blow the whistle, each participant should give the certificate to the appropriate person along with the personal piece of advice. At the beginning of this activity, some participants will have two certificates (their own and the one they have to give to someone else) while others will have no certificate (because they have given the certificate they picked up but not yet received their certificate). This situation will correct itself automatically. When participants have received their own certificate and given away the other one, ask them to move to the front of the room, holding their certificate aloft.

    Give your final piece of advice. When all participants have moved to the front, give your final piece of advice that is related to a key principle explored during the training session. Also, thank all participants for collaboration and wish them well in their application activities.


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