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Care package

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Let people show you what matters to them.

Give people a chance to explain their priorities in their own words by inviting them to create a care package for a specific purpose.



1. Decide what you want to learn. For example, do you know what makes someone feel safe? What possessions do they hold most dear?

2. Create a prompt for the care package (e.g. imagine you are moving to a new country alone where you don't know the language - what would you take?)

3. Give each person a box, a variety of random objects, paper, and markers. Invite them to create a unique care package for that scenario/prompt using artifacts from their home or things made from the supplies you bought.

4. Once the package is complete, ask them to explain their choices. Why did they choose these things? What does it say about their priorities, desire, or values?


Your design team can also prepare a care package in advance and get feedback from users on its contents. How did they feel opening it? What was missing?

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