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Capture the right mood

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Understand your users through visual artifacts.

A mood board is a collage of images and texture that communicates a feeling or experience. See what inspires people by asking them to make their very own.



1. Come up with prompt. It can be board (e.g. how do you define health?) or narrow (e.g. how do you feel about going to the doctor?) Just don't get too narrow.

2. Gather magazines or a multitude of other images. Don't be too picky - gather a wide range.

3. Give the prompt, the images that you've collected and some craft materials (paper, tape, and glue) to your participants, and ask them to spend 30 minutes or so creating a college or mood board. Remind them that there are no right answers!

4. As a group, review the mood boards and interview each person about why they made the choice they made. Pay attention to the overall feeling of the mood board as well as specific images.


Create mood board inspired by the people you meet during research. What images resonate with them?  What does their life look like? Place these mood boards near your workspace to keep the inspiration flowing.

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