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One person is the photographer and the other the camera. The Camera has their eyes closed and is guided by the Photographer who takes photos by cueing the camera to open and close their eyes to snap a photo.



build trust between partners
letting go of control
observe details
see how stories can be created 


Form pairs -- One will be the Camera and one will be the Photographer
The Camera will be guided with their eyes closed by the Photographer.

Introduce the the photographer treasures their very expensive camera and treats it very carefully. Demonstrate how the camera can pointed in different directions by moving the body and head of the Camera. to take a photo the Photographer squeezes their ear. 

Less touchy version -- can use voice command. See what your camera prefers.

Everyone goes at the same time, take 5 photos with your camera (will take about 5 min)

What did it feel like to allow yourself to be led? 
What did it feel like to be leading another?
What type of photos did your photographer create? What was the impact on you?
What impact were you as photographer going for with your photos?
What changed as the game went on?

For storytelling -
Prompt photographers to tell a story with the photos
Or give them a topic (ie. their reflections on a topic or experience) 


Taught to me (Erica Marx) by Ted DeMaisons at AIN Paris, not sure where it came from? 

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