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Cambiana Change Canvas

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This is a tool that you can use thought a whole change process of a team or a company. It is strength oriented and gives you both orientation of the facilitation and summary of the common status of the process.



Work with a team/ a company on a change process




    for in-place workshops: print the canvas in a huge format or draw it on a pin-board

    for remote workshops: copy the canvas into an online whiteboard (e.g. Miro)

    Go with the team through the different fields of the canvas. Start from the upper left with the vision and let the team discuss and be creative on the inputs going though each field. 

    You can also go through the fields in several days, starting with the first workshop only on the VISION (using e.g. the structure "drawing together: and then in other workshops follow up on the other steps. Also Appreciative Interview is fitting to this tool:

    For the field WHO it's also helpful to combine it with a stakeholder analysis matrix and the field ESTABLISH TRANSITIONAL BEHAVIOR is going well together with a roadmap design


    This canvas was created by Gaëlle Piernikarch, Cambiana GmbH

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