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Bunker game

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Understanding the difference between emotional and rational thinking. Showing that critical thinking is a necessity in life.



    1. The participants form a circle and divide into equal teams. The facilitator tells the story to the participants and gives them a list with fifteen characters. They have to choose six characters to go into the bunker with and repopulate the planet after the apocalypse. 

    The story:

    Imagine that in two days the apocalypse will come. The bunker is your only solution to survive and the resources are scarce – there are enough only for six people. After six months, they have to come back to the destroyed world and they need to work together to rebuild and repopulate the planet. You have 15 minutes to select them. Put your critical thinking to use – these are the people that will be recreating the world.  

    The characters:

    1. 6 months pregnant woman

    2. Male doctor specializing in dermatology

    3. Old female scientist

    4. 1styear engineering male student

    5. Athletic non-binary person

    6. Rihanna

    7. 10 years old girl

    8. Male CEO of the world

    9. Jerk programmer

    10. Male disabled military veteran

    11. Bisexual woman

    12. 25 years old female lawyer

    13. Female psychologist ex-prisoner

    14. Dog

    15. Two twins – one of them is a genius, one of them is not. You may select one of the twins, but you do not know which one will come. 

    2. Based on the story, the players decide which characters to take with them to the bunker.

    3. The participants form a circle again and the facilitators lead the reflection.

    Questions for the reflection:

    - How did you feel during the activity?

    - What criteria did you use for choosing the characters?

    - Did you feel that your emotional thinking was stepping in while making the decisions?

    - How did you use critical thinking when making the decisions?

    - Did you face any disagreements within the group? How did you handle them?

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