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Break the ice with the help of your key!

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The key ice breaker is a team building favorite and a great exercise to get to know each other in a group or team.

It is easy to understand and set up, can be modified according to the objects participants have, fast way to get info on each other, and surely makes everyone included!



to break the ice / get to know each other


  1.  ask the participants to sit in a circle and bring their keys with them.
  2. explain that they will get to know each other through their keys.
  3.  ask them that one by one present all the keys they have on their keychain and tell a few sentences about the area the key represents.

Usually the trainer starts the circle so the participants get the feeling how it should be done.

For instance:

  • I have a key of my flat: I live in Paris now, I moved here to study psychology.
  • I have a locker key: I love to swim, I even competed when I was younger, won some medals but now it is just a hobby.
  • I have a snail shell keychain: that I got when I first visited the ocean. For me it means that it is important to come out of our snail shells (meaning comfort zones) to really experience the world around us.

*With phones it can be the same: the participants have to name a few characteristics of their phone (i.e. form, color, weight, case, smart, old, etc) and connect them with some info on themselves.


I learnt this game from one of the best trainers I know, Bernadett Pólya in an open innovation lab Demola Budapest, when I participated in of the projects. The technique worked very well in our group, it was a great first source of information in a new and funny way and initiated conversations between the participants later on.

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