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Break-out Room Tag

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Everyone plays tag, using breakout rooms in Zoom



Energize the group

Increase facility and comfort with using Zoom breakout rooms


This is a great warm-up to teach people how to move between breakout rooms, if you are designing a larger call with multiple sessions running concurrently.  

Before the Game

In order to play this game, the host needs to make all the participants co-hosts in Zoom.  This will allow them to move between breakout rooms.

The Zoom host will create breakout rooms and get ready to automatically assign people to rooms. Create 1 breakout room for 4-5 people on the call.

To Play

Invite someone to be '“it”. If it is a large group then ask a few people so 1 out of 10 participants are "it" Once the game begins, the people who are “it” can tag someone by counting until 10 and then say someone’s name. (S)he will be the next “it”. Demo this in the main session before opening the breakout rooms.

The Zoom host begins the game by randomly sending everyone into breakout rooms. Everyone will need to know how to access the "breakout room" button at the bottom of their zoom screen and click "join" to join a different room. At the end of the game, close the rooms and everyone will return to the main session.

If people come back to the main session, the Zoom host will send them back into a random breakout room.

Note: People using a Chromebook, tablet, or phone may not be able to freely move themselves between breakout rooms. They will need to return to the main session to be put in a new room by the host.


Create a “safe” breakout room where you can’t get tagged. 

Freeze Tag: Choose a few people to be it as before. These people will be it for the whole game. When they catch someone instead of that person becoming it, they freeze (strike a frozen pose, just like people do when they have a bad connection on Zoom). To unfreeze them, anyone in the room can sing happy birthday to them. If the singer gets to the end of the birthday song without being tagged, they are now unfrozen and can continue to play the game.


This game was originally developed by Raymond Van Driel, Erica Marx, and members of the Applied Improvisation Network, where new variations continue to be co-created.

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