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Body language planes

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5 - 109 + Low

A fun and interactive way for participants to use their body language and get to know each other a bit.



The goal is to have participants experience how body language influences their mentality and presentation skills.



    Make a Presentation using a body language plane.

    In this exercise we split the participants in 3 groups, each group had 3 people. We had on the flour 3 papers each paper for each plane and all 3 people of each group had to talk to each other for 1 minute about their studies using this specific plane that the paper was showing.

    After 3 minutes, the groups were changing place and had to do the same to the next plane.

    Note: The planes are as following:
    - the low plane: participants keep their hands and look down and talk to each other

    - the middle plane: participants have their hands on the same level as their belly

    - the high level: participants have their hands at the same level or above their heads

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