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Birthday Roundup!

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Birthday Roundup is a get-to-know game in which participants act out simple activities that has to be repeated by other members of the group. It may also be used for learning names.


Achieving group cohesion through a fun activity.




    Participants stand in a circle. Without speaking, group members line themselves up in "birthday order" by month and day starting with January. Once everyone is in line, group members form a circle, keeping the same order. The person with the first birthday then moves to the middle of the circle, shares his or her birthday, first name, and acts out an activity silently. The activity acted out must start with the first letter of his or her first name. Group members standing in the circle yell out answers until the activity is guessed, and the group member returns to his or her place in the circle. The next group member moves to the middle and repeats the process. The group continues in this manner until somebody is out of order. When a group member is out of "birthday order" that person must move to the correct spot in the circle and repeat the names and activities of all the group members who already participated. When everyone has taken their turn, and is in the right spot, the activity is over and group members eat the birthday cake!


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